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Wu Qing, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and vice mayor, said at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Shanghai smart city experience week on the 8th. In 2010, Shanghai put forward for the first time the strategy of "creating a smart city facing the future", which opened the prelude to the construction of smart city.

Shanghai stands out from 350 cities in the world and wins the World Smart City Award. Wu Qing said that this is not only a full affirmation of the 10-year hard work of Shanghai's smart city, but also the best praise for every builder who has devoted himself to it. According to the "2020 Shanghai smart city development level assessment report" released by Shanghai Economic and Information Development Research Center (Shanghai smart city construction promotion center), the development level index of Shanghai smart city in 2020 is 109.77, 3.91 higher than that of last year, and has maintained continuous growth for seven years. Generally speaking, Pudong New Area, Xuhui District and Huangpu District of Shanghai are the top three in 2020 Shanghai smart city development index, and Baoshan District, Jiading District and Minhang District are the top three suburban areas. According to the report, at this stage, the construction of Shanghai's smart city has achieved remarkable results, and the construction and application of new generation information infrastructure have been speeded up in an all-round way; intelligent application and connectivity have been further improved; public services have become more inclusive, convenient and intelligent; the "one network and universal management" of government affairs services has been continuously deepened, and things have been done more quickly and conveniently; the "one network unified management" of urban operation has been accelerated and urban governance has been accelerated In addition, the development of smart city environment has been continuously optimized.

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Shanghai has successively formulated and issued the three-year action plan for promoting the construction of smart city in Shanghai (2011-2013), the three-year action plan for promoting the construction of smart city in Shanghai (2014-2016), the 13th five year plan for promoting the construction of smart city in Shanghai, and some opinions on further accelerating the construction of smart city The 1.0 stage of the information superhighway develops to 2.0 stage of single function application system scale construction, and then to 3.0 stage of promoting application integration innovation.

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In order to cope with the new trend and demand of economic development under the new situation, Shanghai also released the Shanghai action plan for promoting online new economic development (2020-2022) in April 2020 to create an online new economic development highland. The plan clearly proposes that 12 fields, including unmanned factory, industrial Internet, remote office, online finance, online exhibition and exhibition, fresh e-commerce retail, "contactless" distribution and online medical treatment, should be taken as development priorities, and more than 100 unmanned factories, unmanned production lines and unmanned workshops should be built; new manufacturing modes, such as flexible manufacturing, cloud manufacturing and shared manufacturing, should be focused on, and 20 Industrial Internet platforms with national influence. According to the data, since this year, Shanghai's online new economic development momentum is good; from January to September, the output value of Shanghai's new generation of information technology went against the trend and increased by 8.4%.

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With the construction of a smart city, Wu Qing said that in the past 10 years, Shanghai's urban governance system has been constantly improved, with "one network for all" government services, and "one network unified management" for urban operation, in-depth promotion of refined and convenient livelihood and enterprise services, and accelerated the implementation of digital economy, the booming of new generation Internet economy, and the acceleration of industrial Internet empowerment New models and formats have taken root, blossomed and borne fruit in Shanghai. With the continuous improvement of digital infrastructure, Shanghai has taken the lead in building "the first city of double Gigabit broadband", realizing the full coverage of 5g city. Ubiquity, integration and intelligence sensitivity have become the advantages of Shanghai smart city.

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In the future, Shanghai will continue to strengthen the construction of smart city around the following aspects: first, accelerate the construction of urban "digital base", further promote the new digital infrastructure, and realize the deep coverage and continuous evolution of 5g network; second, focus on promoting all-round data empowerment to fully release the huge energy of digitalization; third, strive to create inclusive digital experience and focus on some citizens The key areas of concern are to break through the bottleneck of data application and enrich the development of application scenarios.

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On the same day, Shanghai released the third batch of artificial intelligence pilot application scenarios, including 9 comprehensive AI application scenarios in seven fields, including "Ai + business district", "Ai + transportation hub" and "Ai + cultural tourism". In the 2020 Shanghai smart city experience week, an award ceremony was also held for the selection of "smart craftsmen" and "leading pioneers" in the construction of Shanghai smart city in 2020, so as to strengthen the construction of talent team of smart city.

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Shanghai Putuo District organized the launching meeting of "warm heart special fund" of Putuo community foundation. Jiang Dongdong, deputy secretary of Putuo District Committee and chief executive of Putuo District, said that promoting the establishment of "warm heart" special fund by community foundations in 10 streets and towns will further enhance the strength of social assistance, improve and enrich the people's livelihood security system, and increase double insurance, so as to provide new vitality, new ways and new ways for the bottom line people's livelihood, basic people's livelihood and quality and livelihood protection. Jiang Dongdong pointed out that Putuo is in a critical period of development of "transformation, rise and overtake", and it is necessary to further guide and support all social forces to devote themselves to Putuo construction. We should constantly strengthen the guidance of Party building, focus on the high-quality development of social organizations, give full play to professional advantages, and strengthen brand demonstration and guidance, so as to serve the needs of Putuo's economic and social development.

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It is reported that since this year, Putuo District has set up and deepened the concept of "great livelihood". Under the overall framework of the city's "9 + 1" social assistance system, Putuo District has actively responded to the pilot project of "warm heart" special fund set up by the Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, and has given emergency and transitional special fund funds to solve the sudden, urgent and temporary problems encountered by the community Help.

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On the day of the activity, representatives of overseas Chinese foundation, bock public welfare foundation, central life hall and caring people carried out targeted donation of "warm heart" special fund with community foundations of all streets and towns in Putuo District. The overseas Chinese foundation and Putuo District Community Foundation have also signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation on online fund-raising of "warm heart special fund" to help the community charity. The leaders of the city and district expressed their gratitude to all sectors of the society for their efforts, and jointly launched the "warm heart special fund" full coverage ceremony of Putuo community foundation.

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"People rely on the spectrum (general) to do things well (Tuo)". Enterprise development, social development and people's livelihood development are promoted together. Putuo District will continue to explore the "1 + n" diversified social assistance mode, improve the discovery and response mechanism of the poor people, and make reasonable matching between the scattered social relief resources and the actual needs of the community, and promote the relief and security network vertical through the "community release demand - government linkage audit - Foundation precise docking" To the bottom, horizontal to the edge, to ensure "no omission, no repetition". The warm heart special fund incarnates warm heart action, upholds the service spirit of Putuo people's "four to" and "four heart" to keep the bottom line of people's livelihood, guarantee the basic people's livelihood and improve the quality of people's livelihood.

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"In order to boost the sales volume of" double 11 ", on October 28, Nike of the United States had 35 containers to enter from Shanghai Waigaoqiao port area, setting a new one-day high for the brand's import at Shanghai port. Now the warehouse for unloading is fully loaded. " Kang Jun, manager of freight forwarding Department of Shanghai Changlian International Logistics Co., Ltd., which serves the world's top 500 enterprises in Shanghai, is excited by the rising import figures of Nike. He revealed that since this year, Nike of the United States has replaced BMW of Germany as the largest import customer of Changlian. The number of containers entering the country has been increasing from 400 containers per month in the first half of this year to about 600 per month now. China took the lead in resuming production and production, which ensured the supply of the international market. At the same time, the strong domestic demand market also contributed to the global economic recovery. According to the latest data of Shanghai Customs, Shanghai's foreign trade has returned strongly. In the first three quarters of this year, Shanghai's total import and export value reached 2.53 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.7% over the same period last year. Among them, exports were 1.01 trillion yuan, an increase of 1%; imports were 1.52 trillion yuan, an increase of 2.1%. "Although automobile import can only recover slowly due to the impact of overseas epidemic, the import of clothing, shoes, hats, bags, cosmetics and food has shown an explosive growth this year. For example, the German supermarket chain olege is also our customer. After opening the first two physical stores in Asia in Shanghai last year, the number of outlets in Shanghai is three times that of last year. We are responsible for the import of dairy products and meat from Australia and other places, and the flights have been encrypted from once a month to once a week. " Kang Jun's personal feelings can be confirmed by the customs data. In the first three quarters of this year, Shanghai Port imported 39.15 billion yuan of beauty cosmetics and toiletries, an increase of 19.8%, and 34.5 billion yuan of meat, an increase of 86.8%.

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In terms of export, thanks to the fact that China took the lead in resuming production and manufacturing, a large number of exports made in China ensured and stabilized the supply of goods on the shelves of overseas merchants. Data show that the EU is still Shanghai's largest trading partner. In the first three quarters of this year, Shanghai's import and export to EU reached 487.95 billion yuan, an increase of 0.5%, accounting for 19.3% of Shanghai's total import and export value in the same period; in the same period, the import and export to the United States was 356.48 billion yuan, an increase of 6.6%, accounting for 14.1%. However, at present, the seaborne price of exports to Europe and the United States at Shanghai port has been 2-3 times of that in the first half of this year. Recently, a gas turbine was sent from Shanghai to Los Angeles, the volume of which is equivalent to three standard containers, and the freight is as high as 15000 US dollars, three times the price at the beginning of the year. One of the reasons for the sharp rise in sea freight rates in Europe and the United States is that China's exports have rebounded rapidly. However, the epidemic situation in Europe and the United States has affected the local resumption of work and production, resulting in serious Overseas Container detention. In addition, some shipping companies have artificially reduced the transport capacity, resulting in the slow return of empty containers. This not only hinders China's export speed, but also makes the buyer and seller bear more freight costs. According to the categories of Shanghai's export products in the first three quarters of this year, mechanical and electrical products reached 686.07 billion yuan, an increase of 0.4%, accounting for 68.1% of the total export value of Shanghai in the same period; the export of labor-intensive products was 151.27 billion yuan, an increase of 9.2%; the export of automobile was 11.7 billion yuan, an increase of 25.3%; the export of pharmaceutical materials and drugs was 11 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6%.

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The awarding ceremony of the third Shanghai citizens' games was held in Dongshi theater. Chen Qun, vice mayor of Shanghai, Yu Lijuan, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai municipal government, and Xu Bin, Secretary of the Party group and director of Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, presented awards to the winners and individuals. The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in 2020 prevented Shanghai citizens from yearning for sports and pursuing health. In the whole year, more than 7100 events and activities were held in the citizens' games, with a total of 10.93 million participants, exceeding the previous one. All participants form a sports landscape, drawing a concentric circle of Shanghai's vitality.

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In order to pay tribute to all the people who pay attention to health, love sports and lead the fitness fashion, the Organizing Committee awarded relevant recognition decisions. 59 units including the trade union working committee of Shanghai municipal organs won the "best organization award"; 8 administrative regions such as Pudong New Area won the "best competition area Award"; 20 organizers such as Shanghai Table Tennis Association won the "outstanding contribution award"; five sponsors including Taiping Endowment Insurance Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch won the "Best Partner Award"; basketball of the third Shanghai citizen Games was awarded 22 events such as league matches won the "best event Award"; 22 events such as magic3 Shanghai Youth three on three super basketball match won the "best brand award"; 10 municipal sports social organizations such as Shanghai Dart Association won the "best development award"; 22 news media including Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Branch won the "cooperative Media Award"; Shi YanXu and other 15 individuals won the "sports star award"; Xiong Weifang won the "best brand award" 83 individuals won the "advanced individual award".

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It will take 11 months from the new year's day of 2020 to the final of November 29. The Organizing Committee actively implements the concept of "people's city, people's city for people", vigorously promotes the deep integration of national fitness and national health, and provides a diversified platform for the public to participate in fitness. The games help to resume work and production, and the spillover effect is significant. 195 enterprises and social organizations became partners of the civil games through public bidding, attracting nearly 150 million yuan of social funds for hosting the games. There was no epidemic event during the event, and the progress of the event was stable and safe.

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At the beginning of the year, people's sports meet began to accompany you and me. The organizing committee has launched a series of picture and text explanation and video demonstration of home sports to guide citizens to keep fit according to local conditions. The series of "champion Jiao you do exercise" and "folk star Jiao you do exercise" were elaborately produced. Home exercise videos were taken, and fitness guidance series of "love life warm heart spring" and action video of "I love my family health house" were created. The relevant contents were reprinted and broadcasted by learning power app, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, etc., and received hits on the people's daily and Shanghai micro signals More than 100000.



In the first half of the year, the organizing committee coordinated and guided the organizers of various events to give full play to their subjective initiative, break through the conventional rules, and constantly innovate the mode of hosting the games. First, the creativity of online games is novel. We launched the "cloud sports for all" platform, launched the online sports meeting, and walked out of a new way to innovate the competition mode. On this platform, the host can click on the sports meeting section, select projects, independently create and launch online events, breaking the traditional offline competition time and geographical restrictions.


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There are no special requirements for the gender, occupation and age of the participants. As long as the participants meet the requirements, they can sign up for the competition online; the platform has created a new online scoring system, which makes full use of the new artificial intelligence technology to score and rank the sports videos uploaded by the competitors. Through video upload, online card playing, space game and other ways of participation, high-tech means to help the development of citizen games bottleneck. Second, the "event plus" mode is constantly emerging. All the organizers have made great innovation and Reform in the planning and implementation of the events, with the emergence of diversified and diversified hosting modes such as "event + business district", "event + culture" and "Online + offline".


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Basketball League, taekwondo League, Paralympic Games, bicycle carnival, fitness carnival, dry land ice hockey, tug of war, Kendo series competitions and other organizers put the competition site in the shopping mall buildings, attracting people to gather, forming a unique marketing atmosphere of shopping malls, stimulating market consumption, achieving the combination of sports and commerce, and forming a beautiful landscape Line; archery events series and Hanfu culture are combined to integrate the six arts of "etiquette, music, calligraphy, numeracy, imperial and Archery". The athletes wear Hanfu, exercise and keep fit, and feel the charm of traditional culture; farmers' sports fitness week is aimed at the reasonable excavation of the activities and skills frequently used in agricultural activities, and set up a number of interesting event contents, so that Through the activities of "farmers' Sports" and "family sports", the "magic box" activities were launched to promote the concept of "family sports" and "family sports", It has greatly promoted the dissemination of parent-child sports culture; Shanghai intellectual games innovated the form of activities, carried out online activities in the form of online games, expanded the space of chess events, and further enhanced the participation and attention of the game activities. In addition, there are numerous "red events" combined with Party building and "charity events" combined with charity, which have improved the coverage of participants through continuous innovation mode and flexible ways. The innovation of competition mode breaks the boundary between sports and other fields, and further integrates with related industries, which not only expands the influence of sports, but also effectively promotes the development of related industries. According to statistics: there were 800 online events, with 6.43 million participants, exceeding the number of people offline.


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In the second half of the year, the organizing committee, in strict accordance with the normalization requirements of epidemic prevention and control, gradually and orderly resumed offline events. By splitting the events, controlling the number of people, reducing the scale and increasing the number of games, the organizing committee flexibly changed the mode of organizing competitions to ensure the smooth development of offline events. According to statistics, there were 6300 offline events with 4.5 million participants.

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Mar 29, 2020

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This year is the end of the 13th five year plan. The smooth holding of the third Shanghai citizens' games fully demonstrates the national fitness pattern with strong government leadership, orderly society, dynamic market and active participation of citizens. The splendid mass sports events witness that the city is gradually recovering its vitality during the epidemic period. This citizens' games is not only a stage for the general public to participate in fitness, exchange skills, exchange culture and enjoy happiness, but also a bright card to show the achievements of healthy Shanghai and the world's famous sports city.

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Sep 28, 2020

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Dec 28, 2020

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